Thursday, August 15, 2013

Missed - In The Mood at the Bellagio

There are many things that one can see at the Bellagio Hotel (at Las Vegas)

but the best sight that one can have from the hotel is the fountain. We were lucky to be upgraded to a room with a view of the fountain.

Hundreds of high pressure water jets create a truly spectacular water show.

I could manage to capture two shows of the fountain from two vantage points. One from the 24th floor of Hotel Bellagio and the second one from the street below. I wanted to capture some fast numbers like “In the mood” but somehow I was not around when these numbers played.

The moon walk also could be created by the fountain in tune with Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.

Some interesting facts about the fountain:
The fountains are programmed to perform to different songs. Some prominent ones among them are:
Singing in the rain
Rondine al Nido
In the mood
Luck Be A Lady (Frank Sinatra)
Con Te Partiro
Mission Impossible Theme
Your Song (Elton John)
All That Jazz (from movie Chicago)
Billie Jean (Micheal Jackson)
Hallelujah Chorus
Carol of the Bells
O Holy Night

The time duration for each show is approximately 5 minutes and operates seven days a week.
3 pm to 8 pm with shows every 30 minutes
8 pm to 12 midnight with shows every 15 minutes

Shows are only cancelled with the threat of high winds. ( if the winds are too high, the dancing waters refuse to dance )

The network of pipes feed 1200 nozzles which are managed by computer and choreographed to music. There are three different types of nozzles
a) The Oarsmen which shoots the water in a full 360 degree range.
b) The Shooters which fire water upwards
c) The Super Shooters which can push water 250 feet into the air.

The combination of water jets and more than 4500 lights provide aesthetic display to accompany the music played.

After watching the gentle sway of these nozzles, I was not surprised when I read that musicians and choreographers were invited to design the routines and patterns of the jets. 
The next time I am in Vegas I will not miss the 'In the mood'


Katherine Thomas said...

That sounds really amazing! The photos are great too!

Dee said...

Hello, this truly is "amazing" as Katherine Thomas says in her comment. I've never been to Las Vagas nor have I ever heard about this fountain. It seems like such a creative use of water. Peace.

Renu said...

I also loved them, Vegas is amazing in so many things. We have musical fountain in Vrindavan garden in Mysore too, they are also good.

Dawn said...

Hello Haddock, thank you for visiting my modest blog. I have been Vegas a few times and agree the fountains are amazing. My favorite is the Star Spangled Banner's dancing waters.

While in Vegas my husband and I got to see Stevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac fame) in concert - the highlight of our trip to be sure. In Vegas the Luxor Hotel and the Paris are also amazing places to stay, although your view from your room is just wonderful. Next time you go take your family to the restaurant at the top of the Paris hotel, you will not be disappointed. Word is the Wynn (?) hotel tops everything, but I haven't stayed there.

SweetMarie said...

I loved this entire show!!! The photos and video are fabulous! Thanks for sharing! I've never been to Vegas.

chellsie said...

just wow!

Destiny's child... said...

Musicians and choreographers were invited to design it? Wow! Never knew that. Guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. :D I know, very cheesy, but I couldn't help it! ;)

Great pics and video. Thanks for sharing. :)

Ms Sparrow said...

I've never been to Vegas and probably never will so I enjoy seeing other people's photos of the place.

harman singh said...

YESSSSSSS I have been here .. many time one of my fav places in world..
nothing less then a paradise!!
I try to make it to Vegas one in two yrs
thanks for sharing!!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So spectacular! Gorgeous photos and very interesting facts about the fountain.

Meera Rao said...

I was in Las Vegas, Hoover dam in may, but did not have the views of the fountains like you did nor were we able to see the dam museum. Bit enjoyed the rest of the scenery a lot - thanks for filling in the ones I did not see :)