Sunday, July 24, 2011

many firsts

Many firsts in this post.
Like, this is the first time a blog post is written by me  from a country outside India.
And this is the first time I am on a foreign tour and technically speaking I will be visiting 5 countries in one go.
Just a few photographs for the time being, as I intend to see places and click click click than spend time typing away on the keyboard.
On the flight there were some school kids who were going to Copenhagen Denmark, to take part in a football match (under 19)

They were very excited about the whole thing and was making the best of it in the flight as well as at the airport.
I had a chat with the coach and he said that there were 60 teams taking part and these kids are from different schools in Mumbai. This is organised by a club and I feel this must be really encouraging for these kids. Wish there were more such orpganisations to boost the school kids.
Some pics of the kids in the aircraft and at the Vienna airport.

Clicked some more pics at the Vienna airport as I had to kill two hrs.   


And at the Amsterdam airport I saw two cars , and what a contrast between the two. But each has their own value I suppose, old or new.

So hope to get lots of photographs to write more posts as I intend to cover Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruggs, Paris, Amiens, Normandy, Madrid and Vienna in 27 days.


Arundhati said...

Have fun!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Enjoy yourself!

anilkurup said...

Get more of the photos. And have a good time

Daisy said...

Great shots. Sounds like you are going on quite a tour. How nice for the school kids to get to take a trip like this. I bet they were very excited. Have a nice time on the rest of your trip. I'll look forward to seeing the photos.

rama said...

Wow, Wow!!!
It is wonderful to hear this, please take lots and lots of pictures of the places you get to visit. Both the cars are classy. Have fun, and keep writing about your trip.

Jeannette said...

Hello, nice to see you post pop up...I am looking forward to some travels through your interesting perspective. Safe journey to you.

The young men look so orderly and respectful...they must have contained enough energy and enthusiasm to fly the plane itself.

Harman said...

nice pictures have fun and all the best!

Anu said...

have a wonderful time... we shall wait for the detailed posts and photographs!

Susan Deborah said...

Wow! congrats on your 'firsts.' The first time of anything is quite exciting and fun. I guess the second and third are also the same. Now we can see that there might be several posts in the offing. You have a great time and do post pictures of food, markets, birds, roads and everything else.

Joy always,

Bikramjit said...

what about UK.. land hee tooo :)

having fun with all the travelsss :)


Tomz said...

Wish you a great time traveling around the world..