Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The travails of a photographer

At weddings, professional photographers do their bit and then they take the bride and groom “for location shooting” and finally produce a big album and some CDs (followed by a big fat bill)

I wonder how many people do actually watch those CDs. If you analyse it, the main reason is the length of the CD.
I thought there should be some way by which one does not get bored by the visuals. I took some pictures of a wedding that I attended and made it into a movie which runs for just 7 minutes. (The movie is attached at the end of the post)

It is not very difficult to photograph events and people.

Apart from the bride and the groom it is interesting to click people when they are in their natural best. Take a good close up and you can identify the colours on the eyelids

or may be the sharp stilettos.

It is easy to click when people are relaxed:

For every one good photograph there are about 10 that goes into the thrash can.

For example I spotted a photogenic face and tried to capture her (from long distance of course) The first one was not very complimentary and out of focus too, so lets skip it.

The second , third, fourth and fifth were all partially blocked by people’s back or hand or a waiter passing by with steaming starters…..

Finally I got one right.

Now what is the point in keeping this in my camera or in my computer. The right person who would appreciate it the most is the person in the photograph. Just imagine her joy when she sees herself in a good stance or a good profile. So I send it across to her. (or better still I will send the link of this post to her)

That brings us to the topic of the photographer. He is always behind the camera and he is seldom shot at.

Last month I attended a wedding in which I wore a brand new colourful Kurta with matching jute chappals. But I never got to see how I looked in that Kurta. I am a shy person when it comes to being in front of the camera but still there is always that curiosity to see how that brand new colourful kurta looked on me. No I did not see myself in the mirror at home as the full length mirror was occupied by wifey. (you know the last minute rush to get to the venue in time)

At the venue they had adorned me with a colourful turban and Johnnie said that I looked smashing with the turban and the kurta but I have yet to see how I looked.

May be like this:

Or maybe like this:

Or I could have been like this:

(by the way that is Johnnie dancing away to glory)

I even thought of looking at myself in the mirror of the hotel elevator, but that elevator had no mirrors. It only had see through glasses by which you can see the panoramic view of the traffic jam down as you go up !!

They say that the boy’s side has a particular turban and the girl’s side have a different coloured turban. I don’t know which side I was from, as I have no idea what they tied on my head !!

I am no great fan of the Face Book, but in the recent past I have been scanning the profiles and photographs of all those who attended that wedding to see if I can spot myself in that kurta and turban. Some where by mistake somebody must have clicked me in a crowd or something like that, but no luck so far.

Its been a month now and the search goes on…….. and if I don’t find it, please inscribe on my tombstone “Here lies the man who does not know how smashing he looked in a colourful kurta and turban”


Daisy said...

It looks like it was a lovely wedding, Joe. You got some great pictures. I hope you find out one day how you looked in the kurta and turban! :)

Sharmila said...

Aww ... such a sweet post Haddock.
I hope somebody from your family reads this and click many snaps of you. And one in a turban too. :-)
Lovely clicks ... and I hear you on "for one good photograph 10 go to to...." ... how true. :-)

Harman said...

the pics are too good!the wedding looks awesome
...disadvantages of being a photographer..you don't have a single pic, out here!!

A said...

Pics are really good. She will be very happy...

Susan Deborah said...

Liberal dosages of humour+lovely faces+ request for a funky tombstone inscription makes this post a riveting read.

Well, now I am wondering about the birds. Long time since I saw any mention here.

Joy always,

deep said...

:) i m all smiles reading this post!!
Innocent musings of a photographer..so much of satisfaction of clicking a photo which looks best amongst all, but at the same time regret of not having single pic of ur own :O often i feel the same :-/

Neha said...

I can totally relate to his. I am always behind the camera at all family do's which means that I rarely get clicked. Don't worry - start self photography :). Put your camera on auto-click mode and pose! You will be in a picture at least :) [another one of my tricks :))]

Alka Gurha said...

You have a discerning eye for photography...great.

Dhemz said...

awesome photos....:) I like candid shots....:)

Anonymous said...

the resigned acceptance of a good amateur photographer!vimala

Iskra said...

i am sure there is a shot of you with an Indian star lookalike Italian guy... if only I knew who took it... and whose camera it was...

and even if it is not possible, your stunning kurta look is reflected in the beautiful shots you took...
Thank you for these!

Haddock said...

@ Iskra
Next to an Italian guy? Who looks like an Indian film star you say? Well I am going to be famous. I will put it up here. (no one will notice the lookalike part)
@ Susan
I must admit I am not paying much attention to the birds and the bees now a days….. but some bird did come and lay eggs in the existing nest but they rolled down and broke…so sad.
@ Neha
Will take your advice next time.

walk2write said...

How true that the photographer is usually the only one left out of an event. These days, my husband and I have switched roles, as least as far as the camera is concerned:>) When you find that smashing pic of yourself on Facebook, let us know.

Cezar and Léia said...

Adorable set of smiles today! Very well done!
Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

Tomz said...

u always write uniquely..or at least in a unique way..i am truly an admirer of the way u write, haddock..

WarmSunshine said...

Ah... I'm digging a photography cam that I recently saw.... your post has tempted me a little more!

thanks for your visit :)

rama said...

What a really honest write up, phew!
I could relate to everything you said about pictures being natural, yet beautiful: it is indeed tough.
When my daughter got married she was very particular that there will be no posed pictures, and there will be no 3 photographers, that pictures should be clicked naturally. The photographer was really bugged, he tried hard to convince her that it would all look very nice (and easy for him to just shoot with a tripod), that she should leave everything to him. But my daughter being a good photographer herself was very strict with the team and they finally had to shoot the way we wanted.
But, I must say i was the worst affected for he caught me at all the wrong angles, looking more weird than the lady you had tried to click, so finally I deleted all my photos and kept only 2/3 where I look kind of okay. And it is ironical for i am the one who loves to be photographed a lot. You must have a look at them in Facebook. My daughter and others have come out very well, I don't know how many of it my daughter herself deleted though of herself and other useless photos.
Do put up a good picture of your self, you don't have to go searching for it elsewhere.
Have a great weekend.

Anya said...

It looks like a wonderful wedding.
So many colors .... thanks lovely to see it :-)

Have a nice weekend

Rachna said...

I have only recently starting understanding the beauty of spontaneous, unposed pictures. And, focussing on different unusual parts is a great tip too. You did a good job with the pics and also sharing it with the person. Maybe, you should have asked someone to click a few of yours as well, come on! Next time, do not let the opportunity go.

Tamil Home Recipes said...

Nice post.

Kannan said...

Good post.

shooting star said...

your pics are good!!!
well, i agree with you on the CD part, not many people see it and moreover as the years pass, the Cd is relegated to the CD rack....on the contrary, a wedding print album lasts much much longer...my mum still takes it for our relatives and friends who were not in my wedding and want to see it!!..it is much much easier and also interesting to go over a print album i guess....one can talk, explain and reminiscence at one's own pace.

Casuarina said...

Poor you:-) I can so empathise with always clicking away and rarely getting clicked. Having convinced myself that I take good photos, now everyone gets to be in my good 'books' except me.

Yes, it does take a great deal of perseverance to get a good snap at any event, and especially if you want to get a spontaneous one. I hate the 'posed for' photos, they all look exactly alike and phony into the bargain...

Oh, and I loved the tussar saree in the photo, now I'm planning to get something similar for myself soon ! :-)

Suzanne Jones said...

You've taken some lovely photographs.

I do hope someone's taken your photo. I'm sure you looked great.

Loree said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are right, posed photos are rarely the best ones. Hope you finally find that photo you are looking for.

Fresh Local and Best said...

Hopefully you'll find that photo of you in the turban, I'm sure it's out there somewhere. I agree with you that it is much easier to photograph someone when they are relaxed.

sangeeta said...

:) The professional photographer must have taken a picture and you must have found it in the album by now ...haan.
The wedding looks perfect and going by the pictures you clicked i know anyways that you were looking smashing....cuz you were feeling so.