Saturday, January 29, 2011

Movie making

Many a times (while watching a movie) I felt that “if this was made my way it would have looked more appealing”
In short I always wanted to make movies of my own.
As I mentioned earlier in one of my blogs, a good and appealing movie is that which has a good story line, a good director and perfect editing.

Remember Richard Attenborough’s  movie Gandhi which bagged 8 Oscars out of the 11 nominations, way back in the early eighties ?
I had the privilege of watching the shooting of that movie, as a major part of the movie was shot in Pune.

One thing I loved about it is that they do their homework well before the commencement of the shooting. There is no half baked script or cutting corners and penny pinching.
Just imagine there were 300000 extras for the funeral shot (in Delhi) Twenty thousand feet of film was shot (with 11 crew members) which was cut down to just 125 seconds on the editing table.

My all time hero (as a director) is Steven Spielberg. You have to hand it to him for the variety of movies that he made. From Close Encounters of the third kind, Jaws, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Schindler’s List, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report, Munich . . . . . . the list is endless.
Steven Spielberg did not make it at the Oscars (for ET) as it went to Gandhi. He finally got it for the Schindler’s list in 1993.

In case you are wondering what the above  photographs have to do with the Oscars and Spielberg well its my first attempt to make something like a movie (at zero cost)
I put together  some of the still photographs and some movie footage that I captured with my digital camera, and tried to make it into a video. Hope to do better and better in my future attempts when I lay my hands on some good editing software.
So here is my first attempt at it. (hope Spielberg doesn’t see it)
The first one is of the Chenda kottu (drums) that I saw enroute from Cochin airport to Thekadi in Kerala.

The second one was to capture bits and pieces of Dance at a friend’s wedding. Frankly speaking I don’t like those disco lights and its very difficult to capture the action in such light (that’s why the still pictures I used in the video looks better)

In the future I hope to make something like this that is shown below.


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you're off to a very good start with your movie making. Interesting post!

  2. very nice pictures....!
    it doesn't go with the content thou...initally I thought you had put some pictures of Gandhi movie....or Spielberg...
    but nyways...the blog is good as ever and my fav song sha laa laa...
    thanks for sharing!!

  3. Great pictures. I wish you the best in your new movie-making ventures. We'll all say we knew you when...

  4. Joe:

    Many pictures showing the back of women (winks). Spielbeg is okay-okay for me. Somehow, I don't much enjoy his offerings.

    I wish you the best with your movie-making.

    Joy always,

  5. I thought Gandhi was an excellent movie and deserved all eleven Oscars.
    I know you'll enjoy your experiments with movie-making. It looks as if you're getting off to a good start. I hope you'll soon have more to share with us.

  6. Must've been fascinating to see some of the filming of Ghandi.
    I think your video clips are quite good and interesting.

  7. You will be a very reliable director,Joe.
    Good at cost cutting.Your actresses are all given the least of clothing!
    Joke aside,it was a good attempt.The stills have comfortably merged with your movie shots.

  8. all the best for ur film making attempts

  9. You have my best wishes for your movie whenever you get to make one.

  10. Nice pictures. I think you will make good movies.

  11. Nice will surely make good movies!

  12. Thats a good start. Hoping to see more of such :)

  13. way to go Joe! ... may we awl see at-least eleven movies from your production house in the year twenty eleven!! :-) amen!

  14. wow! how awesome....:) I always admire indian ladies wearing their gorgeous dress. I seldom see them here in TX, but I saw them a lot in CA. Thanks for sharing...great to be here!

  15. Hi Haddock! Wonderful post!

    Thanks for your comment at Blogtrotter Two. Well, it seems that Egypt is becoming a risky place to visit these days. So, let’s move and get to the other side of the Mediterranean: Côte d’Azur... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  16. Interesting that you saw Gandhi being shot in Pune! My hubby and in-laws acted in it as extras, and can be seen in a few scenes. So each watching of the movie is extra special for me!

  17. I believe film is the ultimate art form, the creativity involved all-encompassing. I have often thought making a short film would be an interesting process. All the best as your dreams unfold.