Sunday, October 3, 2010

New around here

Hi there
I am the new face around here. This is my profile. I am brown coloured on the back and scaly white on the breast. In fact I am known as the scaly breasted Munia. 

Don’t get fooled by the size that you see here on the screen. Actually I am very tiny. Can you locate me in the picture below?

Ok, for the ones who could not locate me, see the same picture now where I have been highlighted (sitting on that thin bamboo pole)

Now you get some idea as to how tiny I am. (actually about 11 cms)

We decided to build our nest here in this clump of the creeper. As it happens to be close to a nest of the bulbul, Mr H (Mr Haddock) feels that we have come here for publicity (like the one the bulbul family got from the previous blog that he wrote) I think he is reading a lot of Hollywood stories about how stars flock to Beverly Hills to be in the limelight. But believe me we are very camera shy. So keeping that in mind, he did click some pictures from far.

I along with my partner did a good search in the neighbourhood and decided that this place is good so we started work. Making the base is the critical part. As you can see we use long leaves and the female does most of the interior design. We don’t use twigs and sticks (like the bulbul’s nest that you see in the foreground)

I am supposed to fetch the leaves.
It is not an easy task as you can see the size and length of the leaf that I fetch. Mr H has got the hang of it. I first sit on the pole with the leaf.

Then I make a dash into the nest with the leaf. 

From the above picture you can see the size of the leaf that I have to lug.
Once the merchandise is delivered I make sure that the coast is clear by first looking to the right and then to the left

And then make a quick dash out to fetch the next leaf.

 It is mostly green leaves but intermittently we use dry leaves too. 

At times my partner too comes with me to select the appropriate leaf (you know how females are) and then we both fly back to take that first halt on the pole.

The idea is to make an oblong house with an opening on the side. It is quite big as some times we do have community nests. It may look like an untidy globe as we don’t weave them but are just pushed  to one side. It may not look neat but it is robust and waterproof.

And this is the opening which is facing east. We usually have the opening facing east/south east so that the morning sunlight comes in.

Once this job is in progress it is my work to go around the nest from the out side and see that the loose ends are tied up.
If the loose ends are too long and hanging out then I pull them out and take them back in through the opening so that the female can rearrange the furniture. Ugggghhh this one is real tough but I have to tug and tug till it comes out.
Some times the leaf slips off from the beak and we try to retrieve it (better than going all the way back for a new one)
Here one fell into that potted plant below and I am trying to get it back, but sitting on that huge palm is a bit slippery.
Making a visual inspection from the north side. All clear here.

On day two we get thinner and smaller leaves so that the fine work can be done inside.
During this nest building there are many other birds who do pass by and have a look at our work in progress. For example this white breasted Robin sat down there and was observing me tying up the loose ends.

Or this yellow breasted Robin who was feeding on the red flowers and buds

who did a hanging survey to have  a closer look at our nest.

Then there was this Mynah (with his neatly combed hair) who kept roaming around the terrace.

Oh the racket they  make . . . . . . .what is he trying to do? Neck exercise?  

I don’t think Mr H will be able to show you the eggs as our nest is well enclosed.
But may be when they are hatched and the young ones will come out you may get  a glimpse of them (if you are lucky)
So have a nice time till then.


SY said...

This bird is absolutely beautiful.. worth finding a home

Maritza said...

those are some beautiful pictures!

Tomz said...

yo Haddock...u got new guests right?

Susan Deborah said...

Joe, congrats on the new arrivals. Now you will be super busy with observing and clicking away. I absolutely loved the pictures and I have saved a few in my desktop! Hope you allow me to do that. And the narrative again!!! Are the birds native to your part? Which is their original habitat?

And the plants, the view and everything around your house looks wonderful.

Would love to hear and see more.

Joy always,

Renu said...

beautiful pictures and you have woven a beautiful story around I would lovce to have a garden where these birds abound.

Anu said...

so you have another visitor, and you are turning into a veritable bird expert... especially on their nesting habits :) great job! looking forward to more such posts..

The Holy Lama said...

Engineering at its best

Neha said...

Awesomely written!!!! Creativity at its best...and the shots are fantastic!

dr.antony said...

Joe, Lovely pictures and commentary. I was reminded of our bird watcher,Dr.Salim Ali.
Time flies if you watch them.And they take away your sorrows with them.

BK Chowla, said...

Very nice pictures.

Theresa said...

Who would say that this is a terrace garden! It's the fabulous greenery that brings in all these avian visitors. Congratulations Mr and Mrs H for engineering such a beautiful environment. If ever anybody needs to understand why plants and trees are important in a city, this is it.

Jeannette said...

So lovely that another bird family had found sanctuary on your deck. Your documentation is so good...great pictures and the stories you get out of these birds!

A said...

Beautiful pictures :)

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

aw... how cute. I love the pictures. Great post!

By the way, thanks for stopping by, and for your kind comment :-))


Bardot said...

Lovely pictures and very well written!

Adori Graphics said...

Awwwww....lovely pictures :)

Harman said...

nice..Excellent is another word for this post..
keep up the good work!!

Bikramjit said...

wowo the pics are beautiful, how long did it take to take all those pic's you got patience i would not do it

by the way along with the bird I am mighty impressed with the garden, so many plants I LOVE THEM beautiful

Bikram's Blog

radha said...

That was indeed a nice account with good photographs. And very well written. It could be a nice nature book for children!! Not that we adults do not appreciate it.

Mridula said...

Lovely account and pictures.

Claudia said...

how beautiful! we don't have them over here in europe - thanks for sharing those fantastic pictures!

Jacob said...

Thanks for the comment on Paree! Much appreciated!

These little birds are gorgeous. I can't remember seeing any like that in our area. You have some very wonderful photos in this post. Congratulations on your excellent work!

WhisperingWriter said...

What a beautiful bird!

magiceye said...

that was a brilliant post

Rachna Chhabria said...

Hi Joe, the pictures are gorgeous as are the birds.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog, else I would never have found your lovely blog.

Chris said...

Beautiful pictures with nice birds species!

nituscorner said...

such adorable birds. beautifully captured.

Nostalgia said...

Awsome documentation! Take heed to the many suggestions about turning these narrations into an illustrated book.

Renee said...

Great shots and I LOVE how you narrate!

sangeeta said...

Kudos to Mr. H .... You know how to hold the camera and the pen both and i am sure many more things for that matter ..

I missed many of your updates and saw them all along with Arvind ( my husband ) . Many birds come to our garden n we just watch them , the pictures are not good enough as the camera is point n shoot type...moreover the patience is lacking.

BTW i spotted a bald mainah in our campus and i think you might be knowing about why it happens , as you are an avid bird watcher. Have clicked her pics from my cell phone camera .How it happens that they get bald ??

Anshita said...

thanks 4 commenting.
how can u b so sure dat simple asans are bettr?

Farmers Wifey said...

What a lovely post..and the photos are are very talented

teca said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I liked here very much.



joanny said...

Thank you for finding my blog, I am really enjoying my visit here, fascinating story you write about this industrious little bird, with beautiful markings, the photography is excellent and especially love the wings in flutter motion great capture.



GREAT photos! He's a cute little guy!

Sandhya said...

Beautiful story and beautiful pictures. You are a very good photographer, Haddock.

Your narration is so beautiful that I feel like watching a movie. Thank you!

Priya said...

Beautiful pictures and well captured.

Viola said...

Lovely photos of the beautiful birds, whom we don't have here in my country. And a fun story!

Thanks for your comment in my blog!
Regards Viola :)

Dintoons said...

These are such beautifully shots pictures! Love your choice of subjects too. National Geographic Channel in print! :)

Thanks for your visit and comments. To answer your question, yes those are vectors. Created in a program called Adobe Flash. Lovely piece of SW to draw, animate and bring things to life. Just like your digital cam :)

Cheers ~

Chandrika Shubham said...

Interesting story of an interesting bird. :)
I enjoyed reading it. :)
Thanks for sharing beautiful pics with us. :)

I think u will like my this post as it is about bird feeding. :)

Christine H. said...

I certainly enjoyed this post. I love watching the birds that nest in my garden, but I am never able to get the up-close shots that you get. And this nest is extremely interesting.

Haddock said...

@ SY
Very true. Small and cute.

@ Maritza

@ Tomz
. . .and hope more and more guests come 

@ Susan
Thanks for all that compliments. Oh yes you are free to use them as you’re your desktop. From what I learned it is common in Asia but found mostly in Srilanka and India

@ Renu
Oh yes half the effort is to weave the story complimenting the pictures.

@ Anu
Yes something I myself am realizing. (bird watching)

@ The Holy Lama
Yes Enginerring at its best

@ Neha
I would compliment the birds. . . . .creativity at the best

@ dr Antony
What you said is true: “they take away your sorrows with them”

@ Chowla

Haddock said...

@ Theresa
Thanks for the compliment and yes we are trying to increase the greenery so that it can give sanctuary to more birds.

@ Jeannette
Yes we are lucky, and hope more birds come in.

@ A

@ hold my hand …..
Thanks for that.

@ Bardot
Thanks madam !!

@ Adori Graphics
Trying to improve the quality of the pictures.

@ Harman
To keep up the good work we need more birds 

@ Bikramjit
Yes you are right, to get these pictures one needs a lot of patience.
And thanks for that compliment.

@ Radha
I am really toying with that idea (of a book)

@ Mridula
Thanks there

@ Claudia
Yeah, these birds are more in India and Srilanka

@ Jacob
Thanks for that. Yes these birds are Asia specific (India & Silanka)

@ WhisperingWriter

@ Magiceye

@ Rachna Chabria
Yes the birds are really gorgeous (and cute)

@ Chris

@ nituscorner
@ Nostalgia
I know I know. Am seriously thinking of it.

@ Renee
Thanks  Hope to get more opportunities like these.

@ Sangeeta
Thanks for that.
You won’t believe, all these pictures are taken with a point and shoot !!
As for the Mainah, I will get back to you, once I get to know more about it.

@ Anshita
Power yoga comes under advance yoga and all age groups will not be able to do it.

@ Farmers Wife

@ teca
You like it ? Then do come again

@ joanny
Good to know that you are enjoying it. The wings in flutter…… you don’t know how long I waited for that.

@ A Spicy Perspective
Oh yes he is real cute

@ Sandhya

That good eh ? 

@ Priya

@ Viola
Good to know that you had fun

@ Dintoons
Ha ha like that….National Geography in print !!
By the way I have to learn that Vector thing

@ Chandrika Shubam
Good to know that you enjoyed it.
Left a comment on your post too.

@ Christine H
You can click pictures from far too.

Madhu said...

Loved the birds profile!

claire said...

gorgeous photos!

sandhyaa said...

lovely pictures !!!!
which camera do you use ??

Haddock said...

@ Madhu
Managed to get some good profile of our little friend here.
@ Claire
@ Sandhya
Thanks Sandhya
I use Canon SX20

LDH said...

Very beautiful photos! I have enjoyed viewing each one and seeing them working in their habitat.

shivani said...

Awesome...fantastic...superb... forget it more and more words but none can express that joy that delight and a wee bit of envy that has also crept in.
Thank you for sharing the entire...from foundation to warming up to settling down with neighbours.

Preeti said...

Haha.. that is absolutely cute. Reminds me of my birdie (sparrow) that built its nest in my balcony in Germany !