Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The man in the iron mask is a gripping story by Alexandre Dumas. Imagine staying behind a mask for a life time. But that was a story woven into some real facts that happened three centuries ago.
In the present era, when I think of Mask, the first thing that comes to my mind is Jim Carrey and his movie The Mask.

The story was a bit far fetched but extremely entertaining, thanks to the antics of Jim.
But come to think of it what if things really come true like in the movie. What if we are bestowed with some special power when we wear a mask?

For example if I wear a mask of a cat will I be able to climb a tree like a cat ?

Or if I wore the smile mask will I be always smiling and happy ?

Came across these masks on a site of Venetian Masks which has a collection of some real good Masks. While going through the site I found the history and the making of the masks really fascinating.
As for me I always co relate things. For example,

the mask Arlecchino (above) reminds me of the “angry wig” that Rumpelstiltskin uses in the movie “Shrek forever after” which I saw last week. (enjoyed the movie especially with the 3D effect)

Coming back to the masks, the one I liked the best was Full face Tiger mask.

The lower part of the mask is so perfect that one can mistake it for a real face (except for the white colour) Maybe the perfection comes from the fact that each mask is hand made in Venice.
It seems some of these Venetian masks were worn by Tom Cruise in the movie Eyes wide shut.
So when I make my next trip to Venice I am definitely going to pick up a few of them.
Nothing like hiding behind a mask.


*Harman* said...

Mask movie is awesome..Jim Carrie is all time gr8 actor...ur knowledge about Mask is ...surprising...I like the the last picture the lower part looks really... like human face...most of the time they are hand made ..

Traci said...

The story of the Man in the Iron Mask always freaks me out. How horrible would that life be?

We saw Shrek ast weekend and the "angry wig" was one of my favorite parts!


Anita said...

I read 2/3 of The Count of Monte Cristo, also by Alexandre Dumas.
Interesting how you evolved the book down to films and masks. :)

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you'll visit again.

Jeannette said...

Interesting to follow your paths of association...if you wear the cat mask, make sure a bigger cat isn't right behind you. That's me making associations with the wildcat we dealt with last night.

I read the Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas. The Iron Mask I may not have read. Don't laugh, but I wait and rent movies at home.

Masks...they can give freedom, cause confusion, inspire creativity, and of course some of them have no clay or feathers involved, do they?
keep smiling

Fresh Local and Best said...

These are beautiful masks. Mysterious yet alluring.

Rachna said...

Nice post! I loved the movie "Mask" especially Jim Carrey's escapades. I would love to have a cat mask, and the grace of a cat for a day :)

Lazy Pineapple said...

the masks are beautiful and always invoke many hollywood and bollywood movies have used masks in their scenes to create an aura of mystery around the character.

Cezar and Léia said...

Wonderful set of mask!I think they are so charming!


Neha said...

A great write-up on masks...I, personally, like the Indian versions...less perfect and more funny :)

A said...

Masked Man...are not we all :)

radha said...

All of us have a mask for the outside world. Atleast some of the times, if not all. The best times are when we do not have to wear the mask, with people who matter. Is it not?
( the venetian masks you have featured here are really very attractive)

Aparna said...

Life is a long masquerade and we all wear masks.

Went to Venice last year and was totally blown away by the masks that i saw. Breathtaking.

Ramesh Sood said...

Mask..the word makes me wonder.. worried and somehow excited too.. Thanks for the writeup..

Anjuli said...

nice post! Masks are such fascinating things and you have really delved into the subject with great skill. We often wear masks which are not 'visible' but we create them to give off the idea we are of a different persona.

Scorpria said...

That's a good one!
And so much info on masks!Thanks for sharing. One more reason to go to Venice ;)

And Jim Carry: no one can beat him at antics ;)

JD said...

awesome masks.. lovely post

Neena Sharma said...

I think we all have a fascination for masks coz they symbolise mystery.

I'm joining u as a follower and would appreciate if you can reciprocate.

shoppingaholic said...

Intesresting, I love that smiling mask... I wish I could get one like jim careey... lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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Those masks are stunning! Especially the last one.